Master Race Debaiters

S03E10 - Nipsey Hussle

RIP Nipsey. This week on the show Gavin and B Black welcome comedian and youtube creator Black Goat 666 (Sam Feldman) to the show to talk about freedom of speech. We also review the movie The Green Mile, then close out the episode talking about rapper activist Nipsey Hussle. 

Times Up #9 Being Black in Canada

This weeks bonus has Gavin and B talking about their own personal loves and hates about living in the great white north while being great black men. (see what we did there?) 

S03E09 - “There’s no racism in Canada”

This week the guys deal with the caucasity claim from Canadian Sen. Lynn Beyak That "There is no racism in Canada" (while doing racism) Also they review the movie The help and figure out why Black people love Jesus. 

Times Up #8 Jussie Smollet and the curious case of whataboutism

Jussie Smollett has had all his charges dropped, and now everyone is confused. However, we here at the MRD Podcast are deeply concerned for the individuals lacking in melanin, and their need for racial whataboutism.

S03E08- Sorry to bother you.

Gavin and B Black talk about women of color not being listened to. They also review the movie Sorry To Bother You, then they examine Candace Owens own words as an example of the kind of dog-whistle the right likes to use. 

Times Up #7 College Bribery Scandal

Gavin and B Black take this epic display of capitalism down, on this weeks bonus episode.

S03E07 - We had to let ya go.

Gavin and B Black take two segments to address some white fragility they dealt with recently. They also review the 2019 Oscar best picture winner, Green Book. 

Times Up # 6 Canada’s own racism

On this Bonus episode, B Black and Gavin explore what makes up Canadian racism. 

S03E06 - Our Oscars Episode

This week Daniel Grant from the podcast Spoiler Rotten joins us to celebrate our Oscars Episode! 

Times Up #5 Self Worth

Is Mo'Nique right? Or does Steve Harvey have a point? Gavin and B Black sit down to discuss the perceived value of black people. 

S03E05 - God damn Crash

Gavin and B black try to figure out why the word white, is some white peoples Kryptonite. They review the Oscar-winning movie Crash and go hard on Rep. Steve "What's wrong with being a white supremacist" King. 

Times Up # 4 with Liana K : Why white people need to talk about race.

This weeks bonus is a bit of a departure. Gavin welcomes Liana K (Ed and Red Night party) to talk about why white people need to talk about race ( with each other) However they go off and far and come back having learned. 


You can follow Liana on her Youtube channel


and find out what she's up too on her website

S03E04 - Covington Nonsense

Gavin and B Black have what it takes to get through all the B.S that's been the Covington school Zapruder tapes fiasco. Also in this episode, they take a look at Tyler Perry's Daddies little girls, and (for the people in the back) THE MAGA HAT IS A RACIST SYMBOL!

S03E03 - Come on Neo Cons

This episode of the show sees Gavin and B Black discussing the Overton window. A review of the Movie Mr. Church (starring Eddie Murphy) and a senator who says he's not racist, after saying a whole bunch of racist shit. 

Times Up # 3 Louie C.K

Welcome back. It's 2019! And so the hell world continues. This week Gavin and B Black discussed the human controversy that is Louie C.K  

Times Up #2: White Trash

Gavin's FB page had some people full of feels this week, for a post which said the term White Trash was classist not racist. Needless to say, all hell broke lose. 

We'll be back Januaray 7th with a brand new episode. Happy holidays everyone. 


Check out the book White Trash - The 400- year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg, here



S03E02 - Toxic Fandom

This week Gavin B Black is joined by Geek Hards Andrew Young and The Star Trek Follies Velvet Wells to talk about toxic fandom. We're airing the last episode of last season that wasn't released (Due to the fire). 

Times Up #1: Kevin Hart

Gavin and B Black are joined this week by Alan Shane Lewis (@TheAlanShane) to talk about the Kevin Hart Oscars controversy. 

S03E01 - The Blind Side

The offical first episode of season 3! Gavin and B black have new segments along with some old ones. Please enjoy and let us know what you think

Teaser Episode: Times Up Teaser episode

Gavin and B Black are back! In this very special episode the debaiters sit down and discuss why the show ended so aburptly in season 2, and how to deal with online trolls. Season 3 begins December 3rd. 

Bonus Episode: Times Up #10

In our last Times Up episode of the season, Gavin and B Black talk about the ever elusive, Race Card.