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Gavin and B Black have what it takes to get through all the B.S that's been the Covington school Zapruder tapes fiasco. Also in this episode, they take a look at Tyler Perry's Dadd...

This episode of the show sees Gavin and B Black discussing the Overton window. A review of the Movie Mr. Church (starring Eddie Murphy) and a senator who says he's not racist, af...

Times Up # 3 Louie C.K

Welcome back. It's 2019! And so the hell world continues. This week Gavin and B Black discussed the human controversy that is Louie C.K  

Times Up #2: White Trash

Gavin's FB page had some people full of feels this week, for a post which said the term White Trash was classist not racist. Needless to say, all hell broke lose.  We'll be back J...

S03E02 - Toxic Fandom

This week Gavin B Black is joined by Geek Hards Andrew Young and The Star Trek Follies Velvet Wells to talk about toxic fandom. We're airing the last episode of last season that wa...

Times Up #1: Kevin Hart

Gavin and B Black are joined this week by Alan Shane Lewis (@TheAlanShane) to talk about the Kevin Hart Oscars controversy. 

The offical first episode of season 3! Gavin and B black have new segments along with some old ones. Please enjoy and let us know what you think

Gavin and B Black are back! In this very special episode the debaiters sit down and discuss why the show ended so aburptly in season 2, and how to deal with online trolls. Season 3...

In our last Times Up episode of the season, Gavin and B Black talk about the ever elusive, Race Card. 

This week we welcome a very special guest, Clove Roy from the Chonilla Podcast. We talk about podcasting. The 60 scoop and Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting the boot from that restur...

This week Gavin and B Black rail against centerists. Also we have some serious Luke Cage Season 2 Love.

We welcome King Kimbit to our show, and she drops some knowledge about Doug Ford, the importance of healing oneself and Facebook drama.

This week the guys talk some critical race theory, while trying to explain the difference between white fragility, white narcissism and interest convergence, and why understanding ...

S02E09 - Pain Is Relative

This week Gavin and B black wade into the NFL's new fines for players protesting. They ask the question "Why do white people deny white privalge"? Then they soak up some white tear...

We're not talking Roseanne, or Drake or even Samantha Bee. No this week the guys are risking low numbers buy talking about the tragedy that's Puerto Rico

This week the Fabulous Kenny Robinson joins us (CBC, JFL, CTV) as we talk about Childish Gambinos' This is America and the horrible remake for white ladies. 

On this bonus episode Gavin and B Black discuss the Munk Debates, particularly the exchange between Michael Eric Dyson and Jordan Peterson. 

S02E07 - #WhiteFeminism

This week Gavin and B Black take a long hard look at white feminism. 

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! This weeks bonus episode is all about the Cosby verdict. 

This week comedian Sam Norton joins us to talk about white guys. Also try as they might, white supremacists can't seem to escape their red neck roots

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