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Episode 9 - Free Speech

This week we're joined by Aisha Brown (JFL. Kevin Hart LOL) we talk about her life as stand up, Jordan Peterson and the idea of Free speech and problematic white feminism.  

Episode 8 - Get Out

This week Gavin and B Black are talking about Jordan Peeles Get Out. Should it be nominated in the comedy category? Or are is this just another part of the Sunken Place?  

Episode 7 - Alt-Swift

This week Gavin is in Ottawa with B Black, as they talk about Taylor Swifts, Papa Johns, and  Canadian company Shopify's, connection to the Alt-right.        

Episode 6 : The Law

This week Gavin and Dave explore the bias in the Canadian Judicial system.  


We had some very sick people this week, but we'll be back next week with a brand new episode. 

Episode. 5 : The Detox

This week Gavin and Dave have themselves a detox. They go though the past episodes and try to make sense of the tape. 

Jason Allen and Vandad Kadar join Gavin and Dave to talk about what's worse; Small town racism or Big City racism.   

We are joined this week to talk about Identity Politics. Buzzword? Or a neccsary part of the political process? Remember to rate and comment on Itunes. 

As a bonus episode to last weeks #BendTheKnee i invited boxing historian Lou Eisen (TSN) to talk about the history of poltics in that sport. It's a good one. Enjoy. 

Episode 2 - #BendTheKnee

Son's of bitches. Yeah he said it, and we're talking all about it. What's it? #BendTheKnee. What is going on in sports. 

It's our very first episode of Master Race Debaiters. This week Gavin, Dave and Bret Measor (Via Skype) have a light hearted chat about White supremacy. 

It's our last episode of GNO. (Don't worry folks were back next week with a new name) and joining us this week is Nick Beaton (JFL), Nick Duire and Dave Getechew. We talk about tak...

Episode 214 - DACA

This week Gavin is joined by Dave Getechew and Sam Norton to talk about Trumps recent DACA news, and how it affects Canada

We welcome Danny Polishchuk (Producer actor and writer) on the show to discuss the circumstances behind the sudden boycott of his free speech show. 

A man in Hamilton Ontario decides to bring a confederate flag to work to piss off people, and the debate begins. 

Nick Durie and Dave Getechew are in the studio once again with Gavin Stephens. They talk about the riots in Charlottesville and the larger implications to the Google memo.

This week on the show Dave Getachew and Sam Norton are back to talk comedy and the philosophies around the transgender issue. 

This week Gavin is joined by Errin White and Tige Wright. They get down and dirty on this Trump transgender ban  and talk about what makes a good comedy room

Gavin sits down with Jason Allen and they talk relationships, ghosts and Ozzy Ossboure concerts. 

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